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*These are not actors but real users of BioPro-Plus discussing their own experiences. There is no guarantee that all users will experience the same results and individual results may vary. 90 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

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Hi, my name is Mike Warren, and I’m going share with you how you can rebuild your immune system to be as Strong as Fort Knox to outside invaders or pathogens, like cancers, viruses, bacteria and colds or flu’s. You will also learn why BioPro-Plus™ is like no other supplement on the market.

The Ultimate All Natural Immune Support Supplement.

From now on, you don’t have to worry about lengthy recovery times from radiation or cancer treatments. And, you can feel confident, not having to worry about the common cold or getting the flu.

One new supplement does everything and keeps your immune system healthy all day long.

Keep on reading to discover the secret!

Do These Symptoms Sound Familiar to You?

Are you listless, or lack the energy to get out of bed?

Do you catch one cold/flu after another, and never seem to get better?

Are you so stressed out that you never feel like your old self?

Have you just gone through Chemo or radiation therapy and feel horrible?

And here's the worst part:

No One Truly Identifies With What You Are Going Through

They may even become frustrated with you because of your lack of energy.

I'm happy to report there is an all natural remedy to boost your immune system 
that actually works.

It's called... 


It works fast.  

It's completely guaranteed. 

And the price is completely affordable.  

This is a major breakthrough for people with weak immune systems.

You Can Feel Good Again, Here's How!

There are some sixty-five million Americans who suffer from an immune suppressed system. 

Among the manifestations of this disorder are a variety of diseases. Autoimmune disease such as arthritis, asthma, allergy, lupus, diabetes, and chronic respiratory problems are caused by immune dysfunction. 

Alternately, chronic viral infection, chronic fatigue, Epstein-Barr virus, HIV/AIDS, and cancer result from immune suppression.

The Immune System is so complex in its relationships to organs, glands and cells, immune dysfunction and suppression can have a number of different causes.

But because the thymus gland plays such a pivotal and important role in generating and regulating immune response, and we are all subjected to atrophy of the thymus due to aging, disease and radiation, chemicals, chronic disease or trauma, etc.; a large portion of immune dysfunction and/or suppression is due to thymus deficiency.

Physicians have always treated deficiencies involving the thyroid gland, the pancreas, adrenal gland, etc. with physiologic replacements. 

Indeed the theory has been, “If a gland dries up, replace it”. So, why not replace thymus proteins when the thymus gland dries up?

Extracts of thymus generally consist of whole thymus gland which is ground and dried or strained into liquid and administered in capsules or in sublingual drops. 

By the very nature of how these extracts are processed, the resultant product is a conglomeration of thymus tissue, cell debris, fragments of thymus proteins and thymus byproducts. 

These extracts have been available for years and have shown some small level of effectiveness in treating various immune deficiencies and some specific medical conditions. 

In fact, one such fragmented thymus protein, Thymosin has been approved as an adjuvant treatment for Hepatitis B in China.

Extracts contain fragmented thymic peptides. They are only slightly effective because they are fragments. 

To attain full effectiveness, a protein must have a specific shape which has exact transmitter and receptor sites. Only a whole biomolecule would be expected to have full biological activity.

It is therefore logical that since supplying whole thymus in a processed and fragmented form helps people with thymus deficiencies, it would be so much more effective to supply various purified thymus proteins which are bio-available and biologically active to achieve a complete immune response. 

That is now available in the form of BioPro-Plus™ 100 and BioPro-Plus™ 500. The most advanced bio-identical Thymic Protein dietary supplement available today!

As a result...

The Testimonials Have Been Amazing

You'll be able to read several of them in just a moment. The success stories make me excited about BioPro-Plus™ and its results. 

We're hearing from people who had cancer and recovered quickly from radiation and chemotherapy. 

We're hearing from people whose allergy symptoms of hay fever diminished significantly.

Grandmothers are able to get out of bed and spend time with their grandchildren.

Golfers are able to get back out on the course without worrying about allergies.

Women are able to spend time outdoors without running out of energy.

And they are all wondering one question...

how did they live without BioPro-Plus™ until now?

Let me share something essential with you...

The Key to Success is taking BioPro-Plus™ Every Day.

If you have been dealing with an immune system deficiency, struggling with lack of energy, are diabetic and have sores or ulcers that won't heal, you need to start taking BioPro-Plus™ now. 

Why should you take BioPro-Plus™?

Point #1: Gives You The Ability To Recover Quickly From That Lingering Cold Or Flu
Point #2: Makes It Easy To Recover From Chemo Therapy By Building Up Your Immune System 
Point #3: The Real SECRET For Keeping Your Immune System At It's Peak
Point #4: Effortlessly Rebuild Your Immune System
Point #5: Discover How You Can Feel Great Again, Even In Your Later Years
Point #6: Escape The Terrible Side Effects Of Chemo Therapy
Point #7: STOP Worrying About Getting Sick.

Curious about where BioPro-Plus™ products are made? We believe in quality which means:

You can rest assured knowing all BioPro-Plus™ supplements are made in the United States. 

Key Ingredient #1

Thymic Proteins

Thymic proteins have been studied for decades and have been clinically proven to stimulate CD4 cell activity. Oral preparations of thymic extracts are widely available and used as nutritional supplements and are more or less useful in producing favorable results. The best thymus supplements available are composed of purified biologically active, intact thymic protein, usually from a bovine source.

Key Ingredient #2

Zinc Gluconate

Zinc gluconate has been clinically proven to shorten the duration of infection from the common cold virus, and enhances the immune response.

Key Ingredient #3

Nano Tech Silver Solution

Through a new manufacturing technology, patented under multiple patents, our advanced nano-silver solution has become the new standard by which all other silver products are measured. We call this new generation of colloidal silver, SilverSol® Technology.

How BioPro-Plus™ is Changing Lives!

Allergy symptoms are gone!

Families are healthier and stronger, no longer worrying about catching the flu or other sicknesses.

Grandparents report having more energy to spend with their grandkids.

Cancer survivors have reported quick recoveries from the effects of chemo or radiation therapies. 

*Let me share Chelsi's story with you:

*My daughter was 4 when she began having severe eczema which later turned into extreme red puffiness all around her mouth. She looked like a clown with a permanent red, dry, chapped face. The beautiful little girl that I always knew was hidden underneath a stranger's mask. She would get severe hives that came with numbness of tongue and throat. Her eczema that attacked her legs left behind a permanent loss of pigmentation that was later diagnosed as vitiligo. Vitiligo has no cure and can quickly spread to other parts of the body. She started getting it around her mouth as well once the red puffiness finally left. This is a scary reality!!! She is 8 now and checks the mirror all the time to see if vitiligo is attacking her facial pigmentation and prays every night that she can fight it away.

She was diagnosed with Hashimotos Disease, and told that her thyroid globulin antibody levels were so high that her thyroid could give out any day completely. That comes with many other risks to develop diabetes, growth stunting, and much much more. We were told there's nothing we can do but wait and see what happens. We were devastated as parents to feel like there is nothing we can proactively do to help calm her body down from the inside.

Her first blood test revealed her thyroid globulin antibody level was about 35. Normal level is around 4. We started giving her BioPro-Plus™ vials and four months later at her next blood test, that antibody level dropped by more than 50 %!!! She wasn't having nearly the amount of "breakouts" she was having before. We discovered she had a severe allergy to corn and any type of corn product. We took corn and its many varieties and forms out of her diet and continued giving her BioPro-Plus™ vials. Today, even when she accidentally has corn products (which are in everything!!!) Her body seems to be able to handle it without breaking out in hives, rashes, numbness, etc.

She is very healthy and strong considering what she has going on inside her body. Her doctor checkups are positive and they are amazed at how healthy she is despite her issues. I am so incredibly grateful for a product that has blessed my little girls’ life to change so drastically for the better! Because of her condition, she has been told she can catch colds and sickness much faster than normal and it would affect her more than the average child. However, she is rarely sick, even when there's something going around at school. When she does catch something, she's over it quickly. I am amazed at how BioPro-Plus™ has helped our family! I don't dare to go without it!

This product has given me peace of mind and hope! Hope that my daughter can continue to improve her health and remain strong. Thank you so much for BioPro-Plus™! It has changed our life for the better.

A grateful mom,

Chelsi Kizerian


*Here is Terry's experience

*For many years I have had chronic sinus infections. I have had two very painful sinus surgeries. I have gone through about four courses of multi-year allergen shots. Those seemed to slightly reduce the sneezing and may have helped the recurring sinus infections but nothing stopped the condition.

Four years ago I visited National Jewish Health in Denver, Colorado for three days. They did many tests and ultimately prescribed Budesonide, a glucocorticoid steroid for the treatment of asthma, COPD and non-infectious rhinitis (including hay fever and other allergies). I used it as a nasal rinse with saline twice a day. It was very helpful. The prescription cost was $800 a month and it was not covered by insurance.

I started using BioPro-Plus™ nearly two years ago and the results have been excellent.

When I started using BioPro-Plus™, I took 1 packet of BioPro-Plus™ 100 daily and 1-3 vials of BioPro-Plus™ 500 weekly both orally. I was amazed at how quickly it started relieving my symptoms. I concurrently stopped the Budesonide (together with stopping the $800 pharmacy charge!) I began breathing clearly. The allergy symptoms of hay fever also diminished significantly.

An additional benefit came from using BioPro-Plus™: my overall health improved. My doctors commented on how well I looked, because my skin texture and color have improved dramatically. The occurrence of colds and flu dropped significantly as well.

I will continue using BioPro-Plus™. It has made a significant change in my health and life.

Terry D


*This one is from Julie in California

*My name is Julie.

I was diagnosed with Large Cell Lymphoma in 2008. Prior to that diagnosis, I was healthy and had no signs of cancer to indicate I was sick. I learned of my cancer after I had been in a terrible car accident that required months of physical therapy. During one of those sessions, it was suggested to me to get an MRI to try and figure out why my therapy wasn’t progressing as it should. The MRI revealed that my bone structure was perfect and I could continue my physical therapy as prescribed but that I also had a black mass in my body. After checking it out, I was diagnosed with cancer.

I was encouraged to take BioPro-Plus™ in large doses to strengthen my immune system before starting my chemotherapy. I did that for a few weeks. I stopped taking the BioPro-Plus™ as soon as my rounds of chemo started. BioPro-Plus™ builds up your immune system and chemo destroys it in order to kill the cancer. Taking the BioPro-Plus™ before my chemo helped me stay stronger in the beginning rounds so that I would have more energy to fight with later on. My chemo lasted 6 months. After I was given a clean bill of health from my oncologist, I started taking BioPro-Plus™ again. Doses varied over the next few months. It’s difficult to say when I started feeling more energy due to the BioPro-Plus™ because recovering from chemotherapy is a long and slow process but I do know that it helped significantly to get me back quicker into the activities I was enjoying before my cancer. I started to feel more normal with my energy about 18 months after my last round of chemo.

One of the concerns with chemotherapy is that it kills your immune system and increases your susceptibility to infections, colds, etc. I was able to fight against those things much better due to the BioPro-Plus™. When I felt excessively tired or started to get sore throat symptoms, I would take a BioPro-Plus™  packet that day and it never got worse.

It has been 5 years since my cancer treatments and I am well. I take the liquid BioPro-Plus™ three times a month and have not suffered much from colds, flu or most everyday infections. I feel it has made a difference in my life and encourage my adult children to take BioPro-Plus™ during the cold and flu season in the Rocky Mountains to help them maintain their immune systems during the winter months. It has made a difference to them during those months as well.

It is a product I can depend on and am glad it’s changed my life. 

Julie K


BioPro-Plus™ Comes With Satisfaction Guaranteed

We will accept a return of any product purchased from us, regardless of reason, unopened or partially used, within 90 days of receipt of product by the original purchaser. The reason for return is important for our understanding and ongoing research into a particular product’s use, we will accept the return regardless of the reason. 

Don't spend another day being sick and tired. 

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BioPro-Plus™ is not just another vitamin, mineral, or herb, it is the same protein that your body produces and is what regulates your whole immune system.

No Side Effects!

BioPro-Plus™ is a safe and effective way to fortify the immune system, with no known side effects or contraindications with other medications. 

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You can rest assured there are no hidden fees with BioPro-Plus™. We even cover shipping so you don't have to worry about it!

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BioPro-Plus™ will have you feeling better in no time! You'll be able to spend more time with your friends and family, without feeling your energy drain away.

Recover Quickly!

Another great benefit of BioPro-Plus™ is that people receiving radiation and chemotherapy in conjunction with taking BioPro-Plus™ may help maintain proper blood cell counts and help recover more quickly.

Friendly Customer Service!

Have questions about your order? Feel more comfortable ordering over the phone? Our friendly customer service team is standing by to assist with any questions you may have. 

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